Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Review: Saved by Kelly Elliott

Saved by Kelly Elliott

Pages: 503
Published April 4 2013
My Star Rating: 4 Stars

My review:

This is book two in the wanted series. Do not read this book if you did not read Wanted first.

What do you do when the man you have loved for years finally proposes to you? Celebrate? Make wild passionate love to each other? Not in this book. This wild ride of a story starts off where Wanted left off. Jeff and ari finally figured out how to make it work and told each other how much they love one other after years of differences. A one night stand before they even became a couple called Jeff to tell him that she was pregnant. Then the night that he was going to propose, ari's father shows up and ruins the whole thing by telling ari that Jeff got someone else pregnant and he planning on proposing. What do you do when the one woman you despise the most says she is pregnant with the man you loves baby?

Is Rebecca really having Jeff's baby? She is due in 2 months and that's when the truth comes out. Ari and her friends scheme to find the truth. There is now way that she can be due in two months when she looks like she is gonna pop any minute. Nancy drew is on the case. 

Josh, is beautiful and sexy, basically sex on a stick! This former man whore falls deeply in love with Heather. Josh will fight his way into her heart and prove to her that his feelings are real. Easier said then done.

Heather lost her parents a year ago, and her heart is beyond fragile. She is just afraid to let someone in, and just when she does, her walls go back up and is just too scared to lose any one else that she loves. How far can heather push josh away before he just gives up?

Ellie and Gunner cut their honeymoon short because his father has a heart attack. Gunner and his father have not seen eye to eye in many years. Will this be the opportunity for them to make amends? Will they ever see eye to eye and have that father son relationship again?

Enjoy the ride while you watch this story unfold! There will be happiness, sadness, and lots of fighting. Description:

Arianna and Jefferson’s love is true but will it be enough? 

Ari who comes from a loving home with a family who has had more than their share of difficulties, is faced with possibly losing the love of her life. All she dreams of is growing old and having children with Jeff, but a family history and a conniving Rebecca could shatter that dream. Trying to support Jeff and cope with all the truths and possibilities of her own destiny may prove to be more than one person can handle.

Jeff’s dream is to raise horses on his ranch in Mason with the only women who has ever filled his heart and soul. But he’s running the risk of losing her by trying to be the man he knows he should be by taking on his responsibilities. He’s completely bewitched by the passionate and always outspoken Ari, but needs to do right for the child that could possibly be his.

Despite all the odds stacked against them can their relationship be…..SAVED?

My Favorite Quotes:
"To quote the great Katherine Hepburn, " I could  peel you like a pear, and God Himself would see the justice in it." I'll do it young lady, if you keep pushing me!"

"As one goes through life, one learns that if you don't paddle your own canoe, you don't move."

She looked up at me and smiled. "I never want this feeling to end...ever." I smiled back at her, watching as her eyes turned from love to passion within a matter of seconds. "What feeling would that be sweetheart?" "The feeling of being so incredibly in love with you that I can hardly breathe. I'm so happy here, Gunner. I'm so very happy here in our little world." Our little world. I couldn't have said it better even if I tried.

"I don't think you can get to where you're truly meant to go until you travel that one road...the one that's filled with sharp turns, steep hills and nothing but pot-holes that you have to try to get around. After you make it off that road, you find the one that is straight, smooth and filled with nothing but happiness."

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, only with what you are expecting to give which is everything."

You have to love a book that has a playlist of songs that fit right along with the story.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri 
Dirty Dancer – Enrigue Iglesias 
Me and You – Kenny Chesney 
The Only Way I Know – Jason Aldean 
Over – Blake Shelton 
Red – Taylor Swift 
Circles – Christina Aguilera
Red Hot Kinda of Love – Christina Aguilera 
Wipe Your Eyes – Maroon 5 
Everything – Lifehouse 
Woohoo – Christina Aguilera 
Our Little World – Susan Ashton 
Like I Am – Rascal Flatts 
Hurt – Christina Aguilera 
Scream and Shout – Wil I Am
The Moment I Knew - Taylor Swift 
Blank Page – Christina Aguilera 
Let There Be Cowgirls – Chris Cagle 
Lift Me Up – Christina Aguilera 
Better Dig Two – The Band Perry 
Cookie Jar – Gym Class Hero’s 
Toxic - Britney Spears 
Shut Up – Christina Aguilera 
Cowboy – Kid Rock
All I Need – Christina Aguilera 
Club Can’t Handle Me Flo Rida
My Girls – Christina Aguilera 
There You Go – Pink
It Will Be Me – Faith Hill
When She Says Baby – Jason Aldean 
You Save Me – Kenny Chesney 
Desnudate – Christina Aguilera 
These Days – Rascal Flatts
She Thinks My Tractors Sexy – Kenny Chesney
Breathe – Faith Hill 
Daylight – Maroon 5
Run – Matt Nathanson 
A Better Life – Keith Urban 
Say Once More – Amy Grant 
You Could Be Happy – Snow Patrol