Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coming Soon: Daring Dane by Felicia Tatum

Daring Dane (Intoxicating Passion #3) will be released February 14th 2014


Korah and Dane have taken their attraction to the next level, causing both to guard their hearts closely. After a frightening encounter with Korah’s ex-boyfriend, she desperately seeks Dane’s comfort, but can’t find him.
What will happen when both decide to date other people? Will their true feelings prevail? Can Dane change his playboy ways when Korah dares him to be a better man?
So I did what any decent red-blooded female would do in this situation. I got myself a date for Valentine’s Day. He was a frat boy, not particularly good-looking, but he was there, convenient, and he would drive Dane crazy. I didn’t like him. I didn’t even really want to go on the date, but I knew I had to do this. Needed to make some sort of move to tell Dane, and myself, but it didn’t really matter that he left after we had sex. His betrayal didn’t really hurt, didn’t run through me like a boiling river scorching my blood. I hadn’t cried over it every night, hugging Elle while I whimpered into my pillows. Dane Davidson had broken me further than before, ripping my soul into pieces. I refused to allow anyone that much power over me.