Sunday, February 23, 2014

Book Review: The Proposal by Katie Ashley

The Proposal By Katie Ashley

408 pages 
Published January 10th 2013
My Review:
After reading The Proposition, I was not expecting Aidan to become the person he did in this book. He showed his caring and sweet side to get Emma back. 

The small things Aidan does are the one that matter in the end.

And then Pesh comes with fury as he is after Emma's heart. OMG!!!
There isn't a triangle in the book, just a hormonal woman who wants to protect her heart from breaking again and a safe choice coming into her life. Just because one person is a safe choice does not mean that her is the right one.

Book Description:
In the weeks following Aidan’s betrayal, Emma has tried her best to move on. Ignoring his countless texts, voice mails, and flowers, she isn’t sure she wants to be won back by him. But Aidan isn’t going down without a fight—especially not until Emma lets him reveal the secret of his past that caused him to be so commitment phobic.

But fate intervenes when premature labor forces Emma on strict bed rest for two weeks. Aidan steps forward with a shocking proposal. To prove his love and commitment for her and their unborn son, he will take a leave of absence from work to care for her around the clock. Vowing to guard her heart, Emma reluctantly agrees.

While she is touched by Aidan’s attentiveness and tender loving care, Emma is thrown for a loop by the amorous attentions of ER doctor, Alpesh “Pesh” Nadeen. Pesh is everything Emma could ever want—successful, stable, and ready to settle down and be a husband and father. Pesh wants nothing more than to win Emma’s heart, but she is not sure she’s able to give it.

Her heart may still belong to the very man who broke it—the one who is so desperately trying to win her back.

Favorite Quotes:

“I want you to think about this for a minute? What would you rather have?Words that can be spoken lightly and then taken back so easily,or would you rather actions?”

“I want to be with you, Em. I want to be with you every fucking moment of every fucking day.” 

“You’re the sexiest, most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen.”
“Aw, baby, you’re so sweet. But you don’t have to keep complimenting me because you’re so getting laid tonight.” 

“I love you much it hurts. I ache for you in my soul. Please… I can’t live without you. I want to be with you every minute of every day. I want to marry you and make a life with you. I want to raise Noah and be a family together. Please… please say you want to be with me forever.” 

“I'm serious about marrying you, Em. But I want to propose to you the right way- not half-naked and sporting wood.”  

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The Pairing (The Proposition  #3)
309 Pages
Published February 17th 2014

After her former boyfriend left her pregnant and alone, Megan McKenzie swore off men. She spent the last eighteen months focused solely on her son, Mason, along with finishing nursing school at the top of her class. Although she’s not ready to complicate her life with a long-term relationship, a nice no-strings attached hook-up is just what she needs. At her godson, Noah’s, baptism, she finds the perfect candidate in the soft-spoken godfather, Pesh Nadeen. After all, the widower could use a good time too. But after drinking too much, the night doesn’t end the way she thought it would. Forced to leave Pesh’s house through a walk of shame, Megan hopes to never, ever see him again. 
For Pesh Nadeen, the very sight of Megan sends him into an emotional tailspin. Since she reminds him too much of what he has lost, he wants to be out of her sight…at first. But the more he gets to know her, there's something about the diminutive blonde that causes his protective side to go into overdrive, and he finds himself wanting more. When Megan is assigned to work in his ER to complete her nursing clinicals, he sees it as fate, but she’s having no part of it. She only wants a physical relationship while he wants far more.

What happens next is a sexy game of cat and mouse to see who will break first or if both of them will eventually get more than they ever bargained for.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Purchase The Pairing