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EXCERPT REVEAL: Pitch Dark by A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson

Dark romance fans get readyyyy...something sinister lurks! Pitch Dark by A.M. Wilson & Alex Grayson releases September 15.
“D’you mind if I sit?” I ask gently. I want her to feel like she has control. If she asked me to leave, I would. I need her to trust me enough to open up. I already assumed it’d be hard, but two seconds in her room is enough to tell it’s going to be a mountain of a task.
The girl gives one short, sharp bob of her head, and I scan the room for a safe place to sit. A lone chair set by her window has a white plastic seat and metal legs. It looks uncomfortable as hell for a piece of furniture in a hospital room, but it’ll do. Forcing myself to go slow, I cross the room and drop my ass into it. I drop my elbows to my knees and lean forward, clasping my hands together.
“I’m Niko.” She doesn’t respond. By her stare and the steady rise and fall of her shoulders, I’d guess she’s concentrating on breathing. “I thought we could talk. Is that okay with you?” She nods again. “Can I get you something to drink?” This time, she gives a punctuated shake. Okay, so she’s good with using nonverbal communication. That’s a start at least. I can work with yes-or- no questions. “Do you know where you are?” Her gaze flits to the open door and the hall beyond. Once again, I’m left staring at the state of disfigurement this woman has been left in. It’s obvious these are signs of abuse, but from who? Her pimp? Was she attacked for trying to leave that life? A victim of domestic violence? Could she be connected to the person who took Rebecca? I don’t realize I’m staring until she shakes her head again, and the movement pulls me from my thoughts. I trail my eyes over her wounds again, and the sight makes me sick. I grind my back molars together to get ahold of myself. Once I feel calm, I ask another question. “Do you know your name?” She shakes her head. Damn. I try a different route. “Do you know how you got all these cuts?” At my words, she glances down at her arms. She runs her right index finger over a spot of dried blood on her right thigh. “Yes,” she croaks in a quiet voice that startles me. “Can you tell me how?” “All of them.” She goes on as if I didn’t speak. I try to keep my expression neutral but I’m confused. “All of them? What do you mean?” “I know how I got all of them.” She faces me with a blank stare. “I remember them all.” The sound of her voice sends a shiver down my spine. Monotone and quiet, it reminds me of nothing. That void of hopelessness. Of no going back. “Who did this to you?” I prod gently. She shakes her head again, and my stomach sinks. “I can’t remember. I remember the shadow man and the screaming girl. And the pain,” she goes on in a hollow voice. “I remember being hurt, but not who did it. I think… I think I did it.” PITCHDARK_TEASER8 About A.M. and Alex: Avid readers and writers of suspenseful romances, both A.M. and Alex enjoy torturing their readers with twisted tales and crazy dark scenarios. Find A.M. Online: Amazon: BookBub: Facebook: Goodreads: Twitter: Website: Find Alex Online: Amazon: BookBub: Facebook: Goodreads: Twitter: Website:

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New Release Alert!! Accidents Happen by Josie Bordeaux

Accidents Happen
By Josie Bordeaux
Release Date: March 13, 2017

Some Accidents Are Meant To Be.
A small fender bender brought them together.
A hit and run tore them apart.

Waking up in a hospital room, Andrea Vasslor has no recollection of her past.  All she knows is that two men are vying for her heart--and one of them is the father of the child she's carrying.

The one by her side claims to be her husband, offering to piece together the lost memories of her past.  The other holds her heart, searching desperately for the woman he knows and loves.  

When their paths collide once again, truths are revealed, hearts are tested, and love reignites.  But can Andrea determine which memories are real and which are only illusions of the past? 

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Josie Bordeaux is the author of the Alluring Promises series. Her romance novels revolve around friendships, sizzling attraction and steamy sex scenes. Lust, passion and love are all entwined with a lot of drama and fun-filled friendships. Josie lives in the sunshine state with her best friend (AKA - husband) and two sweet, and very creative daughters. 

When she's not driving her kids around town, she's usually clicking her fingernails on her keyboard or down at the beach where her eyes are glued to her kindle app reading. 
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Snippet 1:
Cracking my eyes open, I winced from the white, bright light, blinding me temporarily.  
“Who are you?” My voice sounded strained and hoarse. Saying those few words intensified the throbbing in my head. It tempted me to not even bother speaking.
“I’m your husband. I’m John.” I heard the frustration in his voice as he insisted through clenched teeth. Immediately, I had the same damned frustration: I couldn’t remember having a husband. 
“No.” The anger wouldn’t stop welling inside of me; it bubbled up like a fountain. Why would he say that? Why was he lying? Who the hell was he? 
Shouldn’t I know better than them who I was? 
That was the problem, though. 
I didn’t know who I was. 
Where I was.
Or who any of these people were.

Snippet 2:
His gaze was locked on me, and I tore my eyes away to take in everything about this man. His dark blue, long-sleeved shirt stretched over his broad, muscled frame. This man definitely didn’t seem to fit in with the crowd. Even more so when my eyes landed on his worn jeans and work boots. I watched as he slowed his gait but still pressed to get to me. 
This had to be Cal, right? It had to be. I was suddenly very aware of how much adrenaline pumped through me from gazing up at him.  
If it was Cal, why was I so excited to see him? There I was, practically giddy over seeing this man, and I had no idea what he meant to me or why I was so elated. I was excited to see a stranger when even my own husband hadn’t made me feel this way. My heart pounded inside my chest, my breath—completely reckless. I swallowed hard, not knowing if I should fight the intense euphoria and instead be fearful of the stranger that was calling my name.

Snippet 3:
“No.” She shook her head. Where there would have been curls bouncing before, now her straight hair hung there and swayed slightly. I think I was so focused on her hair difference that her next admission didn’t even register at first. “I don’t even remember my own husband.”
“What?” She could have kicked me in my gut and it wouldn’t have hurt as bad. Or my heart, take your pick—it all hurt with that one word. Husband. What the hell?
She nodded as if it made all the sense in the world. “I know. It’s–“
“Did you just say your husband?” I spat. My expression must have shown how pissed off I was. I hadn’t seen that one coming at all. Shit, I hadn’t seen the “amnesia” thing either. I was beginning to wonder if I was talking to the right woman. Maybe she had a twin or something? I shook my head, knowing all the reality shows Jay’s girlfriend watched must have seeped into my brain. 
Yeesss.” Her answer came out slow and with unmistakable worry behind it. Rightfully so. 
“Were you married the whole time we were together?”
It was like we were exchanging horrified expressions. Her face fell, and her mouth gaped as her hand flew to her stomach. “Oh God. We…you…” Her hand motioned between us. She swallowed. “We?” She looked like she was going to throw up. I felt that way too, but the way she was reacting I would have thought my looks were revolting to her or something.