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Passion and Ponies Release Day Blitz!!!!!

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Passion and Ponies (Chocoholics #2)
by Tara Sivec
Release Day: March 25, 2014
Amazon paperback link: http://amzn.to/PIVFAL

Ava Gilmore has the perfect life. She’s surrounded by people who love her, she’s having sex on a regular basis and her Coach bag collection just grew by three. The problem? She’s expected to follow in her family’s footsteps at Seduction and Snacks, working with sex toys and baked goods. 

Ava loves vibrators and cupcakes as much as the next person, she’d just rather play with them than sell them. With her shopping addiction reaching an all time high and her credit card bills piling up, Ava decides to put her obsession to good use and start a fashion blog. But she has one other problem - the guy she’s having sex with has a My Little Pony addiction.

While dealing with her family’s disappointment and confusion over her choices, she finds support in the unlikeliest of places – Tyler Branson. Tyler has slowly wormed his way into her bed, her a$$ and her heart and he refuses to leave. Tyler has his own family problems to deal with and for the first time ever, Ava finds herself feeling bad for the annoying, immature guy and chanting “Friendship is magic!” during the sex she’d swore to stop having with him.

Ava needs to get her life in order once and for all before she finds herself doing something she never wanted to do – fall in love with a Brony.


Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when they all three of them become adults and move out.
After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom. She is the author of the Playing with Fire series and the Chocolate Lovers series. Her novel Seduction and Snacks won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book.
In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she’ll do and naps she’ll take when she ever gets spare time.
Tara also writes under the pen name T.E. Sivec.  Check out the page for T.E. Sivec for more information.
Tara Sivec

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Release Day Blitz: The Lost One by Meg Collett

TLO Blitz Banner
TLO Cover
Title: The Lost One
Author: Meg Collett
Release Date: March 27, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance
They say some things must be broken before they can be fixed. But when Michaela hoped to cast doubt on the Aethere, she never thought things would fall apart like they did. Now the Aethere have turned their attention to the End of Days, and they won’t rest until they obtain the tools of Earth's final destruction: the Seven Seals. The world is falling apart at the seams, and Michaela finds herself clutching the threads. She alone understands what will happen if the Aethere ever get the seals, and it’s the one thing she will fight to the death to prevent if she has to. Even amidst the devastation on Earth, Michaela struggles to restore her faith in Gabriel. Together, they'll need to decide if their love is strong enough to erase the line she had fought so hard to draw between holy and fallen. Michaela said she wanted a war, but when the End is looming, what will she fight for?
The Lost One Teaser 3
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Outside, nearly all the Nephilim were gathered on the front porch. They stepped aside for Michaela as she made her way down the steps. It was easy to see what they were looking at. The sky was growing dark, nearly black along the horizon of the farthest fields. But Michaela’s attention was on something else. She recognized them immediately. The Archangels landed lightly on the gravel and walked toward the house. Their wings were white and brutally bright in the snapping air. Ophaniel’s beautiful platinum hair twisted in the wind. Michaela recognized Simiel’s easy smile. Raphael looked even more serious than usual, his bulk taking up twice the room as the others. Uriel stalked slightly behind the others, her hand wound tight around Zarachiel’s, who walked slowly with his head down. It didn’t take them long to reach the group. The Nephilim watched the Archangels carefully, their weariness ingrained from centuries of being hunted. Their anxiety was only kept at bay by Iris, who stood among them, smiling and beckoning the angels closer. Raphael found Michaela in the crowd. “You better get the livestock in the barn,” he said, the warning clear in his voice. “Why?” The Nephilim parted around her, outlining a clear path between her and the Archangels, who didn’t come any closer. They regarded her with empty faces. Even Simiel averted his eyes. Michaela had only been able to guess up until this point, but now it was clear even her Archangels blamed her for releasing the hybrids and the chaos it had caused. If they knew about Gabriel signing over his soul, they likely hated her for causing that too. There was a divide between them as wide as a river. No one crossed. Their hollow presence sapped any relief at their return. She squared her shoulders. “Why?” she asked again. Raphael glanced over his shoulder at the approaching wall of darkness. “Locusts.”
About the Author
Meg Collett
Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of Tennessee where there the cell phone service is a blessing and internet is a myth of epic proportions. She is the mother of one giant horse named Elle and two dogs named Wylla and Mandy. Her husband is a saint for putting up with her ragtag life. End of Days is her first series.
The Lost One Teaser 1
Purchase Her Other Book Today
THO Cover
Signed Paperback of The Hunted One and a set of signed book marks (US Only), ebook of The Lost One, $5 Amazon Gift Card and Michaela inspired candle made by Book Scents Candles (US Only)

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SALE Sunday!!

Publication Date March 12th, 2014
On Sale only $.99 (Limited Time Only)
A Sequel to Highlander's Embrace

A dark fog settles on the Highlands...
With Scotland still reeling from the reveal of the Maxwell conspiracy, Gavin MacKenzie and Elyn MacDonald are finally ready to satisfy their racing hearts and wed. But, when a missive from the King arrives and demands the MacKenzies pay for their treason, Gavin must leave the warmth of Elyn's embrace to cross the desolate highlands and correct his past mistakes.

Elyn MacDonald fears the worst. The chilling anxiety that runs through her veins isn't just for Gavin's safety, but for her own. As she steals off into the night for a breath of fresh air, hands reach from the darkness and pull her away from her home. She soon finds herself trapped in the sorrowful and dilapidated dungeon in the heart of Maxwell Land. As she grips the iron bars that hold her prisoner, she only hopes that Gavin has escaped a similar fate…

As Gavin and Elyn are torn from each other, their love is put to the ultimate test in Highlander's Kiss, book two of Misty Highlands.

Publication Date March 6th, 2014
On Sale only $.99 (Limited Time Only)

These HOT alphas are ready to take charge.

Are you ready for the decadence and allure of an alpha's dark charm? The bad boys in these 10 sizzling stories will make your heart pound. Against these dominant seducers, the heroines don't stand a chance. Prepare to fall in lust--and love.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.


*New, Boxed Set Exclusive* Rock My Boat by Afton Locke: Rhonda Simms embarks on a cruise to create an ad campaign. Instead, she lands a shape shifter who will do anything to be human again. Will she let him rock her boat?

*New, Boxed Set Exclusive* Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery: Captain Na'varr and his executive officer, Brom, know they have a good thing when they capture stowaway hacker, Raesa, with her hot temper and dangerous curves. They want her, body and soul just as she wants them. But such trust endangers them in ways none of them can anticipate. Dare they risk it all?

Fight for Love by Delaney Diamond:
 Rafael Lopez, former professional wrestler and "Sexiest Athlete Alive," is back and determined to hold onto the woman he lost, but still loves, and the son he never knew existed.

Crazy (Vampire Love) by Eve Langlais: Ella hears voices and they don't like anyone. But not even poltergeists can stand in the way of a vampire in love.

*New, Boxed Set Exclusive*  Sex with an Ex by Eve Vaughn: When these two divorcees reunite in the bedroom, the sex is hotter than ever. But can their hearts survive the second time around?

In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon : When Erica Cole, owner of "Your Wildest Dreams" event planning, requests his help in creating a Valentine's Day fantasy date for her clients, chocolatier Gavin Foster sees it as the perfect opportunity to show her just how sweet their reality could be.

*New, Boxed Set Exclusive*  Player's Challenge by Koko Brown: Sports agent Gemma Clarke must face the biggest challenge of her young career: represent her former lover and bad boy footballer, Devin Spencer. Their passionate love affair ended badly. Now he's back to prove to Gemma he's changed and convince her to give them one more chance.

Two Cops, a Girl, and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige Tyler: Cilla Garner has it bad for hot cops Hayes Prescott and Reed Lockwood. If they both end up asking her out, she doesn't know how she'll choose. Having a threesome doesn't even enter her mind until they hint at it, and then it's all she can think about.

Chase and Seduction by Randi Alexander: Country music superstar/actor Chase Tanner has never wanted anything or anyone more than gorgeous screenplay writer Reno Linden. To Reno, Chase is larger than life, sinfully sexy and hell-bent on getting her into bed. Reno risks the plunge into Chase's arms, but will their attraction survive the glitz and stress of fame?

Tall, Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever:
 He's a hunter in a world turned upside down. She's his prey, a creature of dark magic. But the passion burning within them may be their undoing.

Publication Date January 19th, 2014
On Sale only $.99 (Limited Time Only)

Is it possible to find your one true love…twice?

Blind date. When Allie and Ben are thrown together to help their friends out of a bind, they find the unexpected – and unwanted - spark of attraction difficult to ignore. Surrendering to it, they marry and live their happyish-ever-after – until Ben’s death reveals a betrayal that rocks Allie’s world.

The sidelines. Where Jake has hovered for the past fifteen years, business partners with his best friend, in love with his best friend’s wife. He’s shocked by Ben's duplicity, overcome by the guilt of a deathbed promise. But he’s waited half a lifetime for a chance to love Allie, and it’s time to make his move.

Marriage. Allie might be ready to take the slow slide from friend to lover, but a lifetime is a leap she won’t agree to. She can’t deprive Jake of the family he’s never had, but longs for – the family she can no longer give him. How can she refuse him, though, when he sets out to prove the only family he needs – has ever wanted – is her?

Published March 21st, 2014
FREE (Limited Time Only)

Tortured soul Shane Conway has shattered his whole life—his friends, his family, and even his poetry—using booze and drugs to break it all apart. He lands in rehab when there's nothing left to break but himself.
Twenty-four year-old Olivia Martin is fresh out of college and driven to anxiety with the specter of graduate school in her future. Beautiful but riddled with self-doubt, she takes on the tasking job of recovery counselor to the hotheaded Shane.
Their connection is instant, heated, and dangerously deep. But, pursuing this connection puts Shane's recovery at incredible risk by adding even more passion to his animalistic desires. As the fiery Olivia tries to reconcile Shane with his past, their lives both unravel and intertwine all the more.
Because Shane isn't just one more inked artist searching for redemption...he's got a billion-dollar secret lurking in his past...

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All of Me by KE Osborn Release Blitz

Title: All of Me? (Trust Me? Trilogy)

Author: K E Osborn

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: March 14, 2014

Tour Host: Dreams Come True Promotions

In the second book of The Trust Me? Trilogy, Jeni Taylor and Aiden O’Connell seemed to find life challenging, but as the third book begins, we are faced with the idea that maybe they may not get their Happily Ever After. Jeni is broken and confused after a vicious physical and emotional attack, leaving her with no energy to fight for her relationship with Aiden. She’s terrified and feels like the world is against her. Through some tough love and help from an old friend Jeni finally realizes how deeply in love with Aiden she is. She asks him to take her back, but when she discovers Aiden is moving to help run a new business acquisition in Tokyo, is it too late?

Alistair’s taunts and abuse toward Jeni worsen, leaving her already broken and fragile state to deteriorate even further. Will Jeni find the strength to pull her life back together? With jealousy over a possible new love and with tensions high, the conclusion to The Trust Me? Trilogy will take you on a roller-coaster ride. The electricity and love between Jeni and Aiden is undeniable. Will they see past all the hurdles and find their way to each other? In the end, Jeni will be asking the ultimate question: Does Aiden know that he really does have all of me?

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K E Osborn was born in September 1984 and raised in Adelaide South Australia. She had a love of writing throughout High School but went down a different path choosing graphic design instead. It wasn't until she had a vivid dream about a three car pile up that the characters of her first book came to life. they were born into the world through the imagination of K E Osborn in 2013.


Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KEOsbornAuthor

Website: www.keosbornauthor.com

Author GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/KEOsbornAuthor

Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/K-E-Osborn/e/B00F6RK2HS/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Other: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/KEOsbornauthor


All of Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by K E Osborn is now available for purchase for $2.99 at Amazon and Smashwords.

For Amazon and kindle:

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IYKBJCGYou can download from Smashwords in the following formats:

Epub for iPads, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo etc.Kindle for Kindle devices.PDF for the computer.https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/418273

Goodreads Reviews:https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18692415-all-of-me

Trust Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by K E Osborn is now available for purchase for FREE from the 14-16th March ONLY at Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo

For Amazon and kindle:http://www.amazon.com/dp/</ wbr>B00F0G6JRWGoodreads Reviews:https:/ /www.goodreads.com/book/show/18278387-trust-meYouTube Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugNXXhoN0FU
Love Me? The Trust Me? Trilogy by K E Osborn is now available for purchase for $.99cents at Amazon and Smashwords.For Amazon and kindle:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GMCILB0

Goodreads Reviews:https:/ /www.goodreads.com/book/show/18513795-love-me

YouTube Book Trailer:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwLZc7dMdW4

Please note: these books are for mature audiences 18+. They contain explicit language and sexual content.

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Book Review: The Hamden Trilogy by W. Ferraro

The Hamden Trilogy by W. Ferraro

Author Bio:

I live in New England with my young family. I'm a stay at home mom to two very active children. For all of you who are familiar with the stress of this job, I decided to complete an item on my bucket list and write a book. When I'm not writing, you will find me cooking, reading, shopping or being silly with the kids.

Three of Hearts

Mae Turney is searching for the type of life and happiness she has never known but has only dreamed about. She's fortunate enough to find a great opportunity to live in an exterior apartment of a beautiful lake house in a small town in Vermont. When she realizes the apartment and scenery are not the only gorgeous appeal but the home owner, Seth Finn, is as well, she puts it all on the line for the chance at love. When she becomes comfortable and confident in her own skin and sexuality, Mae realizes that this place and this man is exactly what she came looking for. Knowing Seth and his three children are as special as they come, Mae bets the house, and prays she and her gamble are enough.

Our Review:
Mae Turney is the main character and has just moved to Hamden. She rents an apartment that is attached to Seth Finn’s house and that is how she meets him. Seth is not all that ready for a relationship, because in his own way, he is grieving and has three children to take care of. Aiden, Connor, and Megan adore Mae and Seth gets mad at Mae for trying to help out.

There is many emotions in and between Mae and Seth, but in the end, love wins. Doesn't it always.

This is the first book of Hamden, and it introduces Seth and Mae, along with Seth’s friends who are main characters in the next two books. It is in third person, and sometimes, that gets a little confusing to me, as I have no clue whose perspective it is in. Three of Hearts pulls the reader in from the beginning and you can’t come out. You stay stuck until the end. For me, that end was at the end of Three of Diamonds.

Three of Spades

Dylan Cross is the type of man that enjoys everything female, and enjoy it he does, but always on his terms. However, his terms are pushed to their limit when Natalie Parker proposes an offer; teach her and her delectable little body, all about sex and desire.

There is one catch. He has to play the part of Natalie's madly in love boyfriend for her dying mother. Dylan signs on, and finds that separating the two is harder than he thought. Natalie's days of shyness and lack of confidence come to a quick close as she learns what her body craves and demands in the bedroom. 

Soon, Dylan becomes the student as Natalie teaches him things he didn't even know he wanted. Will Hamden's notorious playboy, bachelor be able to keep calling the shots, or will he find that, he, himself, is just another player at the card game of life, as we all are?

Our Review
In this second installment of Hamden, Dylan and Natalie are the main characters. Dylan, one of Seth’s best friends and partners in the business, is a ladies man, but he never stays put with one woman. Until Natalie. Just like with Mae and Seth, Natalie and Dylan have their issues.

Being with someone that is known to sleep with a woman and then leave them, Natalie doesn’t want to call their agreement a relationship like Dylan does. She made the decision to just have a fake relationship for show and Dylan was the one she thought was perfect. But then the agreement, becomes a real relationship when they fall for each other.
Three of Spades was my favorite of the Hamden books. 

Three of Diamonds

Lola Nash’s life edges on safe and controlled, containing few people; her brother, Boyd, a handful of friends and the facility for special needs children where she volunteers, called Aaron’s Place. However, a chance meeting shatters her control when she learns someone else’s closely held secret. The kind of secret causing her explicit and sexy dreams, all centering around Wes Thompson; known as Adonis in the ultra-exclusive world of the sex club, Olympus. Wes is intrigued by the voluptuous beauty who won’t give him the time of day. Like the God he emulates, he has never been the type to give in when he wants something or someone; Lola is exactly what he wants. Is Lola the one that can bring a God to his knees or will Wes conquer her, and then walk away as planned? Is the chance at love worth the cost of giving up everything you hold important? When the cards are down, will Wes and Lola call or fold?

Our Reveiw:
Lola and Wes. This is their story. Wes is Dylan and Seth’s other best friend. Wes has a secret that his friends don’t know about. Lola knows his secret. Lola has a little brother, Boyd, who has down syndrome. Boyd befriends Wes when Wes goes to the apartment Lola and Boyd live in so he could talk to Lola about the project she is to help him with for a place that Boyd goes to and where Lola volunteers.

Lola hates Wes and Wes falls for her. He tries to tell her how to deal with Boyd and she won’t talk to him. Lola and Wes grow close and then fall apart. But that part upsets Boyd who thinks Wes is the greatest person and his friend. The controversy between Wes and Lola ends when Boyd disappears and Wes finds him. Lola finally accepts her feelings and they all get along.

This Hamden book also has the view points of the other characters besides Lola and Wes a few times throughout the novel to show what they do when Lola and Wes are in the same room in different parts of it.

Review by Amanda Edmunds

Purchase The Hamden Series HERE

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Blog Tour: Shame on You by Tara Sivec

Shame On You (Fool Me Once #1)

by Tara Sivec

Release Date: February 25, 2014


War veteran Kennedy O’Brien is in the business of sticking it to the man—or at least any man who tries to cross a woman. After she returned home from Afghanistan and caught her husband in bed with the nanny, Kennedy lost her faith in men and started Fool Me Once Investigations with her two best friends. After all, there’s no better bounty hunter than a woman scorned.

When Kennedy takes a case to slap cuffs on a bail jumper turned dog-napper, she figures it’ll be an easy paycheck. But trouble has a way of finding Kennedy. Enter the last man on the planet she’d willingly choose as a partner: her cheating ex-husband’s best friend, Griffin Crawford.

As gorgeous as he is unwelcome, Griffin has always had a thing for Kennedy, and after keeping quiet about her ex’s cheating, he’ll do anything to earn back her trust. Whether or not she wants to admit it, Kennedy will need help as the case of the Chihuahua thief spirals out of control. Griffin may be just her man—in more ways than one.

My Review: 

Hell hath no fury like women scorn! Kennedy, Paige and Lorelei started Fool Me Once Investigations to stick it to sll the scummy men who have scorned them. If you are looking for an amazing Laugh Out Loud Romantic Comedy then this Is the book gofor you! 

Kennedy has a love for the chase, the adrenaline rush and hey...if you get to throw cuffs on someone. After being stuck on a case with her exes best friend Griffin, the fun begins! Yes he is sexy as hell....who doesn't love a hot guy with a flirty, arrogant attitude oh and a motorcycle!!! 

My Favorite Quotes:

"I might keep the jeans to replace the ones I ruined during my and Griffin's roll in the grass. Not to be confused with roll in the hay. Even though sometimes  I think I want to be confused with a roll in the hay. With Grifffin. Naked. In a bed. Or against a wall. Or on a kitchen table."

"Jesus. How about we just invite the whole damn neighborhood up here so they can see me half naked and post-orgasmic?"

"This guy says he'll pay fifteen hundred dollars to bust your back door, but I'm gonna tell him you're game. We can always fix it later. I didn't realize prostitutes made so much money for weird stuff. I thought they just gave happy endings. I'm in the wrong business. I should be a pimp."

"Fuck thebed. We Can do that later."

Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when they all three of them become adults and move out.

After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom. She is the author of the Playing with Fire series and the Chocolate Lovers series. Her novel Seduction and Snacks won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book.

In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she’ll do and naps she’ll take when she ever gets spare time.

Tara also writes under the pen name T.E. Sivec.

Connect with Tara Sivec

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We will have Three Grand Prize Winners!!
The Grand Prize includes:
Audio CDs of Shame on You
Autographed handcuffs
a 30 minute group Skype chat with Tara Sivec!

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New Release: The Baby and The Bride by Laura Barnard

The Debt and The Doormat (Book 1) by Laura Barnard

Poppy and Jazz have been best friends from the first week of uni. Whenever these two get together trouble isn't far away and things haven’t changed much. When Jazz gets herself into financial trouble Poppy, being a good friend, offers to help. She instead ends up being talked into swapping lives, with Jazz insisting it will be good and help her get over her broken heart. 

Poppy is thrown into a new life, full of crazy housemates; there’s fitness freak Izzy, horrendously beautiful bitch Grace and the slightly gorgeous, if not incredibly grumpy Ryan. Quickly, with the help of Jazz, her life is thrown upside down. Madness ensues and her need to please everyone gets her in more trouble than she could ever imagine. 

Before she knows it she’s got a fake boyfriend and is hiding so many secrets she’s scared they’ll spill out any minute. With a bullying boss, a sex crazed colleague, a mental mother and three brothers each with their own dramas, life has gotten pretty difficult for Poppy. And all of this would be much easier, if she could just stop falling over. 

Will she get her life back to normal before her brother’s upcoming wedding? And will she want to?

The Bride and The Baby (Book 2) by Laura Barnard

Sequel to the #1 Amazon Best-Seller, The Debt & the Doormat (available for FREE) 
Poppy and Jazz’s lives sound perfect on paper. Jazz has a new baby and Poppy’s getting married. But their realities are very different. 

Poppy must strive to keep her cool new job with crazy hours, while trying to keep Ryan happy. Before she knows it her wedding has got out of control, thanks to her mother, the runners at work are bullying her, her parents are in financial difficulty and she’s doubting everything and everyone she ever knew. 

Meanwhile Jazz is struggling with motherhood, something a credit card won’t fix. Why won’t this baby give her a break? Will Jazz be able to cope before she loses it? 

And will Poppy make it down the aisle? Will Ryan even be waiting?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone jumps in front of me and puts their arms round me. I don’t have time for my body to react as I lose my footing, dragging both of us down to the floor. My headphones get yanked out on the way down.

I gasp for air as my reality settles on me. Oh my God. I’m being attacked. I’m being raped.

I start whistling with all of my might and turn my rape alarm on, throwing it away from me. My God, it's SO loud!


I close my eyes and continue to whistle. My heart is beating so hard I’m sure he can hear it. My attacker loosens their grip on me, but all I can do is lay there in shock, my eyes scrunched shut. If I don’t look at him I won't be able to identify him and then hopefully he won't have to kill me. I spit the whistle out of my mouth and start shouting.


I clench my body up in complete fright. My skin crawls from the thought of someone touching me. Please let Ryan save me. Please God, just let it be over quick.

‘You’re mental!  Stop this!’ I hear from over the alarm.

I look up to see my attacker pull down his hood and begin to reveal his face.

‘No!’ I shout.

I don't want to see his face. If I see his face he’ll definitely kill me. He’ll know I’ll be able to identify him and won't waste any time in smashing my head in with a rock. I look around on the floor desperately for any kind of weapon. A big rock comes into focus. I scramble for it and smash him over the head with it.

He goes down like a sack of potatoes.

‘Fuck!’ he shouts, as he pulls the rest of the hood from his face.

Oh my God. It’s Richard!  My brother Richard. What the fuck have I done?

About the Author
My name is Laura Barnard and I am an author from Hertfordshire, UK. My first chick-lit novel, The Debt & the Doormat was an Amazon number 1 best-seller and won Best Laugh Out Loud Book of 2013. It is available via Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks. Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository and many more.

In my spare time I enjoy drinking my body weight in tea, indulging in cupcakes the size of my face, drooling over hunks like Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling and Leo Dicaprio...oh and my husband of course! I like wearing yoga clothes and reading fitness magazines while I sit on the sofa and eat chocolate. I'm a real fan of the power nap and of course, READING!

I write not to get rich or famous, but because I LOVE writing. Even if one person tells me they enjoyed my book it makes the midnight typing worth it!

Facebook  //  Twitter  //  Goodreads