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Book Review: Falling For A Muse by L. Mertz (A Muse Inspired Love #1)

Falling for a Muse

By: L. Mertz

A Muse Inspired Love #1

Reviewed by : Sandra Long

A Muse is a cover model for novels and most romance books have a gorgeous hunk of manhood on the cover, usually shirtless and built like a bod builder. Some of them are drawings from the imagination o t he artist. But some are real men ( and sometimes women ) and the authors love to take these men with them to book fairs and signings because they draw much bigger crowds. These gorgeous people develop a fan base ad may receive thousands of pieces of mail, some containing gifts, most asking for dates or even proposing marriage. For a relationship with one of these people to work out, the other partner in the relationship must be able to deal with this star power and attention or the relationship is doomed from the start. In this novel, Kelly and her best friend/almost sister, Amber, have gone to a weekend book fair and signing just because Amber, who is somewhat promiscuous, has read that a Muse by the name of Austin will be there. Kelly could care less but will do almost anything for Amber.

Kelly’s parents took Amber inn when her parents died so the two girls were raised more like sisters than friends. The morning of the book fair Amber wakes Kelly up at 5:45am to go to the hotel gym and workout because this Muse named Austin just posted on his facebook page that is where he is and Amber is determined to see him and hopefully meet him. When the girls get to the gym it is Kelly, not Amber, that catches Austin’s eye and she falls for him like love at first sight. They leave the gym together, go have breakfast together and then go to his room for some red hot sex. Every time they get near each other, everything heats up and when the weekend is over and it is time to go home, Kelly and Amber to Washington D.C. and Austin to Texas, he asks Kelly to move to Texas and live with him. She really wants to do it but has just learned that Amber is pregnant and does not know who the dad is so she has no support system except for Kelly and Kelly’s parents. Austin tells her to bring Amber with her.

She and Amber talk it over and decide they can and will do it. Amber owns her own beauty salon because she is such a skilled hair dresser and make-up artist that she was much in demand so she figures she can sell her salon in D.C. and open a new one in Texas after she has the baby. Kelly has a college degree in general studies which is pretty much worthless in today’s job market, so she works as a bartender and knows those jobs are available everywhere, so relocating to Texas should not be a problem. It takes a few months to get their affairs in order but the red hot love between Austin and Kelly never cools so the girls go through with the move and find themselves living in Texas and Amber finds herself being nurtured by Austin’s grandmother and one of his best friends, Bobby. Kelly suspects there is a budding romance between Amber and Bobby. Just after Austin proposes and Kelly accepts, she has a job and plans are underway to build them their dream house on a prime piece of property on the family ranch but far enough away from the main house for privacy, Kelly’s headaches that she has been dismissing along with some dizziness and nausea, suddenly turns out to be caused by a brain tumor requiring surgery. For three weeks she stayed in a coma while her loved ones worried themselves sick, especially Austin who would not leave her side. When she finally comes out of the coma and is released from the hospital, Austin has tried so hard to make everything perfect for her homecoming, but the Kelly who comes home seems totally different than the Kelly he fell in love with and she demands that she is going home with her parents. By this time Amber has delivered her baby and is openly living with Bobby and she gets very angry with Kelly and tells her to go on home is that is what she wants but Amber is staying in Texas, her new home, with Bobby. Will Kelly actually leave Austin ? Has she stopped loving Austin ? Is she tired of Austin making decisions about their life without consulting her ? Can she recognize that he is trying to protect her and shield her from as much as he can because he loves her or is he just trying to dominate her, which she can never tolerate ? Has the brain tumor changed her personality or was it the fan letters and nude fan photos that she found in Austin’s room ? Can she deal with the jealousy of being the wife of a muse ? So many things to consider, so much pressure on her as she slowly recovers from brain surgery and a 3 week coma. Will love conquer all or will her jealousy and resentment destroy their love ? This author keeps you guessing.

If you are looking for a short novel, that can easily be read in one day and is light reading for a day when you just want to leave the reality of your mundane life and relax with reading about someone else’s problems and take your mind off your own, while getting enough erotic encounters to stimulate your hormones, then this book would be an excellent choice for you.

Who do you turn to for that inspiration? 
Kelly is an avid reader and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. All of that quickly changes when she meets the one man that has inspired many to be themselves. Austin isn’t just a cover model for a well known Indie author he’s an inspiration for many people. Having a huge fan base can create trouble for a good looking guy, but he wants to find love. 

Living by the moment Kelly and Austin jump head first into each other, but does their story have a Happily Ever After?

American writer living outside of Washington, DC in Maryland. I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music. Wife and mother of a boy I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I have a vast collection of flamingos and paperbacks from my favorite Indie Authors. Favorite cities are, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Sydney AUS. I've traveled over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. I want to travel more in the future.

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Book 2

Healing A Muse

My heart broke when I found out what she did and I will never trust another person because of it.

He shattered my heart into a million pieces when he left me and I will always be broken because no one will ever love me enough to fix me.

Jackson was betrayed by the one person that he thought he could trust; the mother of his child. She broke him when she left and found love in the arms of another man. Now he’s given the opportunity to show the world that he can be a stronger person by learning from the mistakes.

Synclaire has had a rough life. After losing the first love of her life and watching her mother’s debilitating disease steal her away too, Syn tries fixing everyone but herself. Until one day she meets Jackson and sees that he is just as broken as she is.

Can they heal each other or will they hurt each other even more?