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Book Review: Mountain Justice by Karen Black

Mountain Justice by Karen Black

16 Pages
Published June 1st, 2013

This was an awesome short story to read. I was drawn in hook line and sinker from page one.. The Chemistry between Rob and Annie is undeniable.. What she goes through with her husband, Rob is there right beside her all the time. His devotion to protect her is inspiring and the secret they will carry forever will hold them together.. This book just leaves you wanting more of a story between Rob and Annie.

A definite 5 stars

Mountain Justice is a short story about friendship and justice, with just a touch of the paranormal. How far would you go to save your friend’s life

They have been friends since childhood.. He lives in the mountains, and she lives in on a farm. Rob is a veterinarian, and Annie is an animal whisperer. 

When circumstances thrust Annie into a dangerous situation, Rob is inexplicably compelled to go to the site of the threat. Was his feeling of dread merely a coincidence, or was it a premonition? What if it happens more than once?

An unexpected twist is typically woven into Karen's stories, and they frequently involve a touch of the paranormal. She has published three short stories: "A Candle in the Darkness", "Mountain Justice," and "The Hunted" all of which can be found in the Seven Fates Writers anthology, "Stories for the Dead of Night," along with three other stories.

Karen Black and her husband live in Pennsylvania, with two delightful little alien creatures disguised as cats, one of which is rumored to be ET's second cousin. The rumor has not been confirmed. She believes in ghosts, and loves all things mystical and unexplained.

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