Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Healing A Muse by L. Mertz Cover Reveal

Healing A Muse ( A Muse Inspired Love Series) 
by L. Mertz 

My heart broke when I found out what she did and I will never trust another person because of it.
He shattered my heart into a million pieces when he left me and I will always be broken because no one will ever love me enough to fix me.

Jackson was betrayed by the one person that he thought he could trust; the mother of his child. She broke him when she left and found love in the arms of another man. Now he’s given the opportunity to show the world that he can be a stronger person by learning from the mistakes.

Synclaire has had a rough life. After losing the first love of her life and watching her mother’s debilitating disease steal her away too, Syn tries fixing everyone but herself. Until one day she meets Jackson and sees that he is just as broken as she is.

Can they heal each other or will they hurt each other even more?

Falling For A Muse ( A Muse Inspired Love Series)
Released December 7th, 2013
Pages 148

Who do you turn to for that inspiration?

Kelly is an avid reader and doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. All of that quickly changes when she meets the one man that has inspired many to be themselves. Austin isn’t just a cover model for a well known Indie author he’s an inspiration for many people. Having a huge fan base can create trouble for a good looking guy, but he wants to find love.

Living by the moment Kelly and Austin jump head first into each other, but does their story have a
Happily Ever After?