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Rene's Getaway is strictly a promotional page.  This fan page is geared towards but not limited to NA (new adult), YA (young adult) and AC (Adult Contemporary) romances and the authors that write them. My name is Rene and Rene's Getaway is my baby, but I have recruited a fantastic team of bloggers to help promote your book(s). 

We are not authors by any means. We do realize that others may have their own opinions about a book, but we do promote the books that we love and others may like. This is why we are particular about the books that we choose to review and the authors that we interview. We will only promote the books and authors that we have read and liked/loved. As a writer of honest reviews, our goal is to help readers decide how to spend their book dollars. Readers’ tastes may be different than ours, but we aim to write about books in such a way that someone reading our reviews can get a sense of whether you would want to read this book.

Meet Heidi,
I’m a bibliophile, even have it tattooed on the nape of my neck and on that subject I LOVE INK!
Well chiseled inked men are my kryptonite!
Happily married and still smitten with my husband, proud mommy of 3 little blessings!
We live on a farm with 2 cats, Hemingway and Hope, 4 dogs, Cleo, Austen, Shakespeare and Vladimir and our new additions, Ruder and Faith, out little lambs and as you can see, our pets are named after authors and characters that have filled my bibliophile life with much joy. Anyone who knows me will tell you that a book or kindle is a standard “appendage” it’s like an extra body part lol! In all honesty I prefer the company of books to people!

Meet Sandra,

My name is Sandra Long, Sandy to my friends.  I am a 66 year old widow with one daughter and two grandsons, ages 7 and 12.  I have been reading ever since I learned how, averaging several books per week for the past several years.  Living alone with my two Cocker Spaniels and one cat, I have lots of time to read.  I grew up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, the daughter of school teachers. My dad was a principal for most of his career and used to bring home books from school libraries as he was principal of several rural schools and so had access  to more books than I did at my one school. He was also a wonderful story teller and entertained myself and my 4 older brothers with stories he made up about us and our adventures with out imaginary magical animal friends. I guess I inherited my love for reading from him. I love several genre but prefer murder mysteries, reading a lot of serial killers, kidnappings and gangsters.  But I also love romances, especially historical, and paranormal.  I read a lot of Christian fiction as well as non-fiction. Time travel is a special favorite of mine. I have so many favorites it is really hard to pin down any particular genre.  In my spare time when I am not reading I am active in my church, I do a lot of crafts especially knitting and crocheting as well as some sewing and quilting, and ,of course, spending time with my grandsons.  I re-read many of my favorites and love being able to recommend good finds to my friends.

Meet Tina,
Tina lives in East Texas with her hubby, two daughters and son. She is an English Professor, book critic and author and loves her family, writing, cooking and the South, which she blogs about in her blog Southern Mom: Tina Bausinger. ( She's very happy to be writing for the Getaways. She may be a teensy bit dark and twisty, but most people like her that way!