Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book Review: His Final Bounty by AJ Wiliams (Bounty For Hire Book 4)

Title: His Final Bounty
Series: Bounty For Hire
Author: AJ Wiliams
Published: 3/23/14
Pages: 135

I loved the cover of this book.. Its so "dark" and menacing I couldn't wait to get into it. The cover model gives you insight into what Jefferson might be like. You can look into those eyes and see something so deep it tugs and your curiosity. 

Spending years undercover within a notorious local mafia, Jefferson leaves behind his family and his one love.
After 5 years of trying to deal with what he has seen and done, Jefferson is now hunted by the same man he tried to take down. 

Eva Rosenberg's heart is shattered when Jefferson leaves her behind.. Swearing to find him and figure out what happened, she finds information that can lead to answers.
Eva and Jefferson find themselves is a dangerous situation which could change their lives. They walk this path together trying to forgive and protect each other.

A riveting book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

4 Stars.. 

Eva Rosenberg hacks a secret file of Jefferson's and discovers the man who shattered her heart and her world has one giant secret. 

Jefferson Anders’ current bounty hunting status has allowed him to hide in the shadows, never forcing him to face the secrets of his past. Having spent five years hiding the truth, he never dreamed the secrets of his past would catch up to him. Secrets which cost him both the love of his life and connection to his family. Now, he must face the mistakes of his past. 

With a confrontation looming with Eva and a possible death threat, they must work as a team to find forgiveness and defeat the enemy that waits in the shadows.

AJ Wiliams lives in Kansas City Missouri with her husband and two children, and their faithful dog. She grew up in Arizona and at the age of eight, her mother brought her to Missouri to be close to family. As an only child, AJ had to learn how to entertain herself. Writing was an escape from an isolated life she led as the only child with her parents. Living in a small town also proved to create lots of stories. Like most small towns, everyone knew everyone.
As she grew older, her grandparents played a large role in her writing life. By the age of thirteen, she had written several poems about her family and about growing up. Reading and music also became an outlet for her.
AJ loves listening to everything from the classics of Mozart to System of a Down to even Indie music such as Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine. That love of music has continued on, influencing her and the stories she likes to write.

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