Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy) By M.C. Webb

Fade to Black (The Black Trilogy #1) By M.C. Webb

350 pages 
Published November 6th 2012
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My rating: 5 Stars

My Description:

Fade to Black is an amazing story. It broke my heart many times, is was so riveting and moving. This is a story of 2 people and their struggles in life.

One story starts with an 11 year old girl named Piper who lived with her grandparents and her father. Her father passed away and was left to live with her grandparents. She does have a mother, but she was rarely in the picture. She drank, did drugs and had many men. Once she heard that her ex husband dies she decided it was a good time to be in her daughters life. She took her daughter and left. The moved around a lot so no one would know where they were. Her mother had a boyfriend, Daniel. He was a little slow, but he cared for her. The watched movies together all the time, they became friends. Things started to change. Daniel grew closer to Piper. He somehow, fell in love with her. Things went bad very quickly.

Piper lost her innocence at such a young age, sadly enough her mother held her down and watch it happen......made it happen.  Just when she got up the courage to escape, he treated her like a dog. Chained by a dog collar to her bed just long enough to reach the bathroom. Tired of being used as a sex slave and only 12 years old, she planed her escape. She did it! She got out! Unfortunately the damage has been done. In her mind is diseased, and thinks no one will ever love her the way she is supposed to. She is emotionally and physically scarred. Years pass and she eventually learns that she is worth loving. Tragedy strikes her over and over and over. Will she have the strength to go on?

The other story is about a boy named Ryan. Ryan is a musician and actor who hits it big. Overwhelmed from fame he turns to excessive drug use, loses his best friend to suicide and hits rock bottom. Before he hits his lowest point, he meets a girl named Livia. The instantly click, drive down to the beach to watch the sun come up and make love under the stars. Emergency strikes and they part ways, neither of them knew that they would never see each other again. Many years later their paths cross again, but under different circumstances. Who knew that their lives would lead back to each other. Now is the time that they need each other the most. description:
A tale of unimaginable horror follows Piper Mitchell from adolescence to adulthood as she tries to escape the chains that hold her long after she is free. A chance meeting with one of Hollywood's’ biggest stars, Ryan Knox, will forever change both of their lives. Venture the unknown with beauty and the daring actor as they both are forced to endure the devastating acts of evil, yet continues fight the drowning current that threatens to pull them both under. Full of hair pin turns you will not soon forget.

 My favorite quotes:

"You're going to be all right, Piper. You just have to look beyond all this. It'll be sunny again someday for you. I promise."

"I understood we were both kindred spirits, broken in many different ways yet all were relateable."

"Matthew was such a bright light that he drowned a lot of the dark in me."

"If the music be the food of love, play on."

"In spite of having every reason not to, I dare to have the audacity to love you with all of my heart."

“I was murdered. Even though my heart continued to beat, I was very much deceased. All faded to black.”

Black as Night (The Black Trilogy #2)
Paperback, 412 pages
Published May 24th 2013
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My review coming soon description:
Sequel to "Fade to black" Black as Night by M. C. Webb Sex, Lies and Murder - all with good intentions. Book two is exciting with a touch of macabre full of sins of the worst kind yet human in nature. Piper has made a decision that she believes will save everyone, but will ultimately cost those she loves the most. Though the world has been tipped on its axis nothing is what it seems. As Ryan tries desperately to save his wife, death and betrayal show him no mercy as hard lessons of life turn the world black as night.

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