Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review: Romantic Promises by Janice Baker

Romantic Promises (Alluring Promises #2) By Janice Baker

532 Pages
Published November 16th 2013

My Review:

Romantic Promises is the second book in the Alluring Promises Series. This is one steamy sexy story. 

Vanessa is a young woman who landed a great job in human resources. Her job is to make sure everyone gets along and all policies are adhered to. She is engaged to Charles who is absolutely perfect. Perfect.... But perfect is just not enough. There should be a spark right? Vanessa is a very sexy woman who tries so hard to put a little sexy into her relationship but he could not be bothered. Charles may be the perfect pick for her mother but not for her. He has become too predictable and boring. Vanessa is craving passion, desire and want. 

At the start of her new job she is confronted by Matt. Right from the start you could feel the sexual tension, they hate eachother to say the least, but there is something about him that excites her. Matt young, and single and keeps his heart closed off, hence his very cavalier relationship with women. Scorn from a previous relationship, Matt decides that sex is is only release. No relationships anymore. He is sex on a stick! Truly the epitome of man, with his sexy eyes, godly body and outgoing personality. He has women everywhere and ready to go when he calls.  

Oh....Vanessa created a No Dating in the Workplace Policy. That throws a wrench in the whole thing! I will not give anymore away, you have yo read it to see what happens. Will Matt give up his bachelor ways? Will Vanessa toss aside her policies and fiancĂ© and give into temptation? 

This book captures you from page one. As you continue to read this story you will laugh at the banter between the two of them. You will scream at Vanessa, you will fall in love Matt and you will catch up with Z and Izzy from the first book.

My favorite Quotes:
"His mouth opened at the same time as mine and in that very moment there was that same "breath" that we shared; that essence that I claimed, our souls meeting."

"It's that breath you share, right before you kiss. As if you're sharing your heart....your soul."

"The romantic idiot in me wanted nothing more than to see myself marrying this woman, when a second ago I was ready to leave everything to us just having sex."

"I smiled into his mouth as we kissed enjoying what we have. Even though to him I might just be another woman, to me he held sweet memories."

"I never thought I'd find someone to walk through the storms with me. I never thought I'd find someone to take a huge leap with."

"You'll have to promise me that no matter how hard you try to tell me you're not romantic, that you still keep surprising me with things that I consider are romantic."
Goodreads description:

Adult Content. 18+
Matt Williams had everything a young, single guy could ever want. He lived in a great party town, made plenty of money and loved his job. Hell bent on avoiding commitment, Matt was fairly cavalier with women and kept his heart closed off to guard it at all costs. His good looks and charismatic personality guaranteed his nights were filled with fun and excitement. When his job forced him to relocate, everything changed.

The one thing Vanessa Hargrave was in control of was her career. Outside the office she had difficulty following her convictions...she didn't like to disappoint her parents and continually vied for their acceptance. What seemed to please them was her engagement to Charles because he was a doctor; however, to Vanessa, he was too predictable, safe and boring. She wanted more. She desired passion and romance. She wanted to feel something; she needed to be more than a convenience to someone.

Along comes Matt - sexy, carefree and a rule breaker at every turn. His “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” attitude cuts against her rigid policies and procedures mind-set and she despises how everything is seemingly handed to him.

Pushing Vanessa too far with his office antics might just cause enough friction to make them explode for one night. Will that one night be enough for them? Or will it create enough tension to throw them into something they never expected to have…