Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SPANK! The 50 Shades The Parody

Last weekend I finally got my "Girls Night Out"! We went to The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, NJ to see SPANK! The 50 Shades The Parody

I never laughed so hard in my life! The story is about E.B. James, an author, who is writing a very sexy steamy novel while her husband is away with the children. Things start to heat up while she starts describing her leading characters.

SPANK was absolutely the best show to see with the girls! Knee slapping funny, just the right amount of dirty and a whole lot of sexy!!! You are in for a good night, singing, sexual innuendos, dancing and more!! I cannot forget some of my favorite things.....the silk tie, discussing hardlines and softlines and of course the RED ROOM!

Hugh Hanson was played by Drew Moerlein.
Hugh Hanson, is a sexy, successful billionaire who likes to play in his Red Room!

Tasha Woode was played by Danielle Trzcinski.
Tasha Woods, is a meek, shy and naive who interviews Mr. Hanson for the school paper.  

While at work Tasha sees Mr. Hanson who is in search of some supplies. Mr. Hanson is quite intrigued by her innocence and wants to show her a few things. 

Sound a little familiar?
Well is you were to mix Fifty Shades of Gray with Magic Mike,
you wind up with SPANK.

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Have you seen SPANK? What did you think? 
Send me your thoughts and reviews and I will post them!