Thursday, August 29, 2013

DO OC! Family Fun Time On The Beach

Boardwalk Aerobatic Airshow 
Sunday, Sept. 15th
1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 

Bring the family! This is a great event for children of all ages!!

Stunt pilots will perform a two-hour air show over the beach and Ocean City Boardwalk from 6th– 14th Streets. Thrill to some of the best stunt pilots and aerobatic champions in the world. 

The show will feature individual aerobatic performances and groups flying in formation. Featured performances include:
  • Twin Tiger Skywriters and Aerobatic Team
  • Gary Ward MX2 Aerobatics
  • F16 Four-Ship Flyby
  • Kevin Russo SNJ-6 Aerobatics
  • U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 Dauphin Rescue Demonstration
  • North East Raiders Flight Demonstration Team
  • Andrew McKenna T-6 Aerobatics
  • SNJ T-6 Formation Flights
  • Jason Flood Pitts Demo (A year after a near-fatal crash, Flood is back in the cockpit.)

The fun doesn't end here in Ocean City NJ!!! On Saturday September 14 there is the Ocean City Airport festival. Annual festival at the Municipal Airport, 26th street and Bay avenue. 10am-3pm. Features include a ground display of unusual airplanes ranging from World War II planes to Classics and War birds. Meet the performers for the next day's Aerobatic Air Show. 

For more information call 609-525-9223.

Did you come last year to the air show?

Send in some of your pictures and I will add them to my Ocean City Family blog!