Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Review: Healing Wounds by Kirby Elaine

Healing Wounds
Author: Kirby Elaine
Pages: 186
Published: August 31st, 2013

Review by: Heidi

Besides being a book ho I'm also a cover addict! LOL :) The cover is awesome ! Now for the content id cover ♥

Liam ~ I immediately felt a connection to him because of the loss of his mum and the effect it has on him afterwards :( He's rather easy on the eye ... hell who am I kidding ?! He's delicious !!!!!

Jayda~ She has a real ass wipe for a boyfriend! After a rather unpleasant surprise she finds herself left needing and in a rather sad position. Pulling up her big girl panties she heads off for a job interview and this is where it all starts ...

Michael~ A client at Liam's firm and he also has eyes set on the gorgeous Jayda ! Damn this girl is a hot commodity :) Jayda and Liam have become friends sharing almost anything but he's concerned that Michael has a hidden agenda . I smell a love triangle coming !

I like a relationship that starts off as friendship first because there's no pretense , a friend sees you at your best and your worst and you tend to tell a friend more so when and if the friendship develops into more you're already comfortable with one another :)

Ok so I was right about the triangle but its got a twist !

All in all I enjoyed "Healing Wounds" and I'm reminded again about the 
importance of family and friends and how more often than not they're our crutch that we lean on for support in times of trauma , drama , heartache etc.

Looking forward to see what happens in "Secrets Kept" I'm curious about Michael and I'd like to know more about him.


This is the first installment of "A Scott/Price Family Drama" series; the second and third books, Secrets Kept and All I Ever Wanted is available now! 

Liam Scott is a successful, wealthy, and handsome business man. But he still battles with the depression the death of his mother triggered twenty years ago. That and an equally as old secret keeps his feelings for his co-worker and best friend Jayda Price at bay. 

Jayda Price is never afraid to work for what she wants. After a family tragedy Jayda has left Baltimore for a life in D.C. Hit by hardships, she finds herself interviewing for Scott & Helm, an event coordinating firm headed by the very handsome Liam Scott. Five years later and Jayda may be ready to pursue her heart's greatest desire. 

Neither of them could anticipate the trials life would throw their way. Their only saving grace may be the fact that love does indeed heal all wounds. 

Healing Wounds is a family drama with adult themes and some intimate sexual scenes. 

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