Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Featured Author Dawn Kopman Whidden - Stolen Book Review


By Dawn Kopman Whidden
5 Stars

Review by Rene

In the mood for a GREAT Psychological thriller? Then this is the story for you!! This story grabs a hold of you from the turn of the first page and continues to grip you through out the entire story!

Jean, Marty and Hope are back, along with a few of the other characters, to solve what turns out to be a 25 year old mystery.

The story starts off with a murder, the way all great thrillers should start!!

A string of 911 calls were received by a group of local hunters in the woods. They recently witnessed a small child, shirtless and shoe-less, running and screaming through the woods, multiple gunshots fired, a cabin with a gunshot victim, and another victim who is deceased.

When police arrived they found another young child, a girl around the age of 4 or five, Michaelah, in the small cabin in a back room. This poor child has was quivering on a bloody mattress in a room with a video camera on a tripod. What went on this room could only be described as horrific!

The body of the deceased man was later identified as Archie Blakely, convicted of molestation of a seven year old boy and served 1 year in prison, a few years later he was accused of trying to abduct a neighbors 7 year old son and was acquitted, solicitation , misdemeanors, traffic infractions and a domestic dispute. This guy was seriously bad news!! There was another gunshot victim and he was identified as Troy Blakley, Archie's son. Now, who was the shooter? Is there a third party? Where is the weapon? Who ever shot these men, is still out there.

Marty quickly identified the young girl as Michaela Sandberg, she was abducted a few months ago. After a few weeks of searching for her, law enforcement had stopped their search, claiming that they could no longer afford to spend the funds and personnel to continue a search and rescue because at this point it would be considered a recovery mission. Her parents never gave up the search or hope, in hopes that their baby girl would return to them. Law inforcement  knew that if a child was not found within the first 48 hours, the chances were that she wouldn't be found alive. These parents were extremely lucky, their baby will be returned.

Back at the station, Jean has been looking through the system for missing kids to see if any of them fit the description of the young boy, Tristen, but nothing has come up. Neither child has spoken to anyone at this point, and with their only other lead witness in critical condition, these two small children are the only ones who knew exactly what went on in that cabin.

This story suddenly takes a turn when Marty receives a call from Lieutenant Sanders of the HITS division of the Oregon State Police. Marty and Sanders talked about the Archie case and Sanders filled him in on some very insightful information. 

Curious? Of course you are, unfortunately this is all your going to get from me! need to read this book!!! Twists and turns do not eve begin to describe the plots in this book. This book is such a captivated read, it is filled with such excitement and suspense. I cannot wait to see what Dawn has in store for us next!!!

Will detective Marty Keal and Jean Whitley be able to find out the identity of a little boy before it’s too late?

In the riveting mystery novel Stolen, detective Marty Keal is on leave handling personal business when he is drawn back into a case with all of the makings of a sinister event. His partner, detective Jean Whitley, is first on the scene of a horrible crime that took place in a cabin in the woods. She arrives to find an older man dead, a younger man seriously wounded and a half naked child in the back of the cabin who’s apparently been missing for 3 months. Then, the detective finds a little boy running through the woods with little clothes and barely able to communicate. The police have a lot on their plate as they race to find out who the nameless men in the cabin are, who is the distressed little boy and what is the possibly frightening connection between them all?

Highly reviewed author Dawn Kopman Whidden has penned yet another disturbingly memorable mystery that lovers of Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson will be clamoring to read. From beginning to end, Stolen is a fast paced murder mystery with a twist around every turn!

Stolen is a standalone novel that features two intriguing detectives from Dawn Kopman Whidden’s previous mystery novels A Child Torn & Faceless: A Mystery.

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