Monday, January 27, 2014

Book Review: Revenge of The Orgasm

Our Review:
This was a first for me and to be honest I was a little apprehensive. 

There was something about these poems that pulled at my heart strings, he's so desperate to be with her,  a part of her, my heart went out to him,  he craves her like a heroine addict would crave his next fix. 

Chocolate, powdered sugar and strawberries will hold a new appeal to me after the author's description! 

I could comment on each poem but that would spoil it for those who haven't read this. I've read rave reviews and I've also read the total opposite,  so you'll either love it or hate it .

I loved it!  Erotic, passionate,  romantic, call it what you like but it had me ready to sign up to be his sub! 

I don't think any review can do these poems justice!  It's raw,  it's honest, it's beautiful! 


Book description:
As you are driving, your body involuntarily jumps. Sweat begins on your forehead and appears on your body, even though it is the middle of Winter. Inside of your left thigh, there is a tapping that is not harmful but noticeable. And you begin to wonder if sanity has departed or control of your motor skills is no longer your own. Then, the epiphany becomes clear. This is Revenge of the Orgasm.