Monday, October 14, 2013

Branded is on SALE!!!!!

This story has such an amazing storyline! Imagine a future where there is no president, there is a commander. He is a very powerful and sadistic man. He created this prison strictly for sinners who have been branded with their mark. This is a story of a young girl named Lexi Hamilton and how false accusations landed her here and her struggle to survive in this godforsaken hole. Lexi was taken by the guards one night because she was accused of a sin. She was forced to live in this twisted society where there are no rules for sinners. The guards can do anything they please except for one thing......if a guard falls in love with a sinner they have committed the ultimate sin and the price the pay is DEATH.

Lexi has her own personal guard Cole, who is assigned to protect her no matter the cost. Even in a place as dark and evil as the hole Lexi finds love, friendship and strength.

I loved this book! Action, excitement, anger, lust, passion, sorrow and strength. There are many 
twists at the end of this story along with a killer cliffhanger for an ending.

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