Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: Shipwrecked With The Billionaire Rock Star by Victoria Wessex

Shipwrecked with The Billionaire Rock Star

By Victoria Wessex

Reviewed by Sandra Long


Adam Sykes, bad boy singer with the rock band Iron Hammer, loves to party. When his latest escapade ends in arrest, he’s packed off by his manager to a private yacht to lay low. 

Fiery ship’s chef Hannah is proud of her curvy body…and she has a tongue as sharp as her knives. She has no time for arrogant rock stars, even when they’re billionaires. So when Adam makes a pass at her, she rejects him. 

Now he’s fascinated. 

When the yacht is caught in a storm, the pair are stranded on a desert island and must rely on each other to survive. As the days pass, the friction between them threatens to ignite into lust…but Hannah’s been hurt before. Can she learn to trust a man with Adam’s reputation? Can he prove he’s changed? 

As they battle to control their feelings, new dangers emerge. Even if they can escape the island, their troubles may be just beginning….

Hannah had been left at the altar by a man she thought was her true love. She went on her honeymoon to the islands alone and stayed, to try to get over the pain and shame of what had happened to her. She was a professional chef with big plans but was now sharing an apartment with 4 other people who worked temp jobs on ships.

She got a call to fill in for a chef who had become ill the day a yacht was to sail with a famous rock star. Hannah's self confidence as to her looks and attractiveness to men had been destroyed by her wedding disaster but one thing she was sure of was her cooking skills. She also needed money to pay her bills so she took the job and packed mostly her cooking tools for the short trip.

She was star struck by the singer whose name was Adam. He was the lead singer and song writer for a famous rock group and had a world famous reputation for bedding every woman he ever met and never being serious about any of them. He was also ridiculously wealthy.

Hannah's orders were to stay away from him and stick to her cooking duties. Before they set sail his band and manager came aboard for a farewell party, bringing lots of liquor, drugs and women for the party. In spite of her instructions, Hannah spied on the party and what she saw was Adam looking bored and out of it. Simone, the ship's hostess who had been very short with Hannah, surprisingly came to Hannah's room after the party to bring her a glass of champagne to celebrate Adam's successful birthday party and the cake Hannah had baked for him. Hannah accepted the drink but poured it down her sink. Looking out her porthole she saw a horrible looking storm up ahead but after the band and guests left the ship and the motors started, she went to bed, tired and sure that the captain would steer away from the storm.

Hours later Hannah woke up to find the ship in the midst of the storm and filling with water. The ship seemed to be deserted and a lifeboat was missing. She found Adam passed out in his cabin and had difficulty waking him but was finally able to and telling him to grab what he could, she did the same thing and they took another lifeboat and managed to survive the storm when they washed up on a deserted beach, with their few possessions and Adam's pet cat.

Spending time alone on the beach, trying to survive and trying to figure out what happened, a relationship was almost a foregone conclusion but how long would it last once they were rescued, if they were ever rescued. They also had a lot of time to try to figure out what had happened to everyone else on the ship and why they had been left behind to drown. They began to realize that they were intended to die on that voyage and that both had been intended to be drugged to make sure they did not wake up in time to get off the sinking ship. If Hannah had drunk the champagne they would both be dead. Part of the ship washed up and they boarded it to salvage what they could and saw that the radio and distress signal had been deliberately destroyed before the crew abandoned the ship, leaving Adam and Hannah to die. Who had planned their deaths and why ? Would they ever be rescued ? If they were rescued, would the killer/killers try again ? Would the love they found on the island survive back in the real world ?

This book is much too short only because the reader wants it to last longer. It is very well written and has the right mix of love. intrigue, danger and adventure to keep the reader locked in from the first paragraph to the last. Five stars for this one and can't wait to read more by this author.

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