Friday, September 5, 2014

Book Review: The Love Trials by Audrey Anna Garrett

The Love Trials
Author: Audrey Anna Garrett
Published November 22, 2013
Pages: 143 

Review By: Sandra Long

The Love Trials struck me as a textbook for a college class I once took in psychology.  Then, as I began to read the pages, I saw how much wisdom this young writer had compiled for the reader's benefit. I recognized truths from my past and from the pasts of friends and acquaintances I have known over a longer lifetime than this young lady has yet to live.

She has gathered truths about love,life and relationships, that,  if read and understood correctly, could serve as a handbook for the young and unlearned lover. This is a book I could see myself giving to my teenage daughter ( or son ) after they had gone through the agony of puberty and were embarking on a time of seeking that one true love that would last them a lifetime.

We all dream of the perfect love, the everlasting romance that will carry us through our lives. But at the beginning of that journey we suffer from unrealistic dreams, fantasies of what that true love will be like and how easily it will be found and cherished. Older people know we are going to meet a lot of frogs before we find our prince ( and the reverse for guys).  But our youth do not know this at the beginning of the journey to finding true love. Therefore, I have decided that this textbook--and to me that is how it seems--is the perfect handbook to give to our youth to help them travel the road to finding their true love, their soul mate, with a reference guide always with them to guide their steps and give them the encouragement they need, to let them know that the path to true, lasting love, is never easy and we have all been there, so they never need to feel alone or feel that they have failed.  They are just following in the footsteps of their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, all of us older folks would have gone down this path before and found that the journey may be long and sometimes painful but the blessings at the end of the journey make the entire trip worthwhile.

The Love Trials explores relationships in stages that allows you to be able to identify true love. This is based off of a post written on my blog as an excerpt from the post explains here:

"In order to be able to effectively recognize and grow in love one must experience a series of trials and learning experiences in the form of lovers. Some people are just capable of accepting, delivering and recognizing love once. They have to discipline to stay and work on perfecting it. Others, like myself, learn from doing. The more experienced, the more learned and with that the love timeline is developed." ~Audreyanna Garrett
~Literature Excerpt~
"So many people long for the ability to endure love at first sight. When most think of a first love that is what is thought of. Someone they immediately locked eyes with and just knew they would love and be in love with that individual for the rest of their life. And even if longevity is uncertain, they still believed that he/she would remain their first love.

Everyone wishes that they could identify the individual that makes their heart skip a beat or an individual that ignites butterflies in every encounter. Unfortunately, even if able to identify the affects of love initially, we have a hard time deciphering love from lust. There is a challenge with deciphering the reality of love from the idea of love."