Monday, May 26, 2014

Book Review: Desert Son by Mark Kendrick

Desert Sons by Mark Kendrick

340 pages

Published June 24th 2001 

Meet Carter, recent college graduate, who's dabbled in binge drinking as would be expected of any college student, but more often than not he's the designated driver, he's the responsible one. Then you realise he's actually telling you about himself and this leads up to the accident where he looses both his parents and he survives. I appreciated the depth author went into where Carter's character was concerned.

At times I found Carter to be a confused and sad character. He questions himself, his existence even his ability to love. He goes through the motions of laying his parents to rest and then wonders how he should mourn them? ?? I was like WTH you sob dude! 

After the funeral he heads West to "find" himself, on his travels he meets up with Brenda and now it becomes "their" journey.

The ending was a bit of a surprise and is not quite what I expected. When you're given a second chance in life, take it and LIVE it! 

To sum it up.....Desert Son was a bit like fishing :D you bait, cast and wait. You get a nibble then the fish starts to  tease you, nibble, let go, nibble, let go and then all of a sudden BAM! You've got it! Hook line and sinker! You reel it in and feel satisfied with yourself! And that my friends is exactly what this book did! 


Goodreads Description:
Scott Faraday is 16, gregarious, talented, never been in a relationship, and is out to only a select few. Ryan St. Charles is 17, hot-tempered, has already has been in a long relationship, yet is barely out to himself. Behind Ryan's carefully fashioned fa├žade is emotional scarring from a past he's never been able to reconcile. When he comes to live with his uncle in Yucca Valley, CA, he meets Scott. An unlikely pair, the boys form a tentative friendship. When Scott starts to suspect that Ryan might be gay, he plans his coming out to him. The result is that he transforms their friendship into his first real relationship. Then, Ryan's hidden past comes into view. Scott is not at all prepared for what he discovers: suicide attempts, past abuse, and loads of denial.
Tightly focused on their new relationship, Desert Sons follows these two teenagers as they plunge headlong through a summer that will forever change them both.
Review written by Heidi