Friday, December 13, 2013

Feature Friday: Featuring Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki

Author Bio:
Abi Ketner
Abi Ketner Is a registered nurse with a passion for novels, the beaches of St. John, and her Philadelphia Phillies. A talented singer, Abi loves to go running and spend lots of time with her family. She currently resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her husband, triplet daughters and two very spoiled dogs.

Missy Kalicicki:
Melissa Kalicicki received her bachelor's degree from Millersville University in 2003. She married, had two boys and currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Aside from reading and writing, her interests include running and mixed martial arts. She also remains an avid Cleveland sports fan. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing the two amazing authors who wrote Branded. Continue reading to get to know them a little better.


Can you describe BRANDED?

Twenty years ago the Commander came into power and murdered all who opposed him. In his warped mind, the seven deadliest sins were the downfall of our society. He created the Hole where sinners are branded according to their sins and might survive a few years. At best. Now LUST wraps around my neck like blue fingers strangling me. I've been accused of a crime I didn't commit and now the Hole is my new home.

Darkness. Death. Violence. Pain.

Now, every day is a fight for survival. But I won’t die. I won’t let them win.
The Hole can’t keep me. The Hole can’t break me.I am more than my brand. I’m a fighter. My name is Lexi Hamilton, and this is my story.

How did you come up with the idea for BRANDED? 

Abi came up with the concept of branding people with one of the seven deadly sins. From there, we came up with the story line & characters through a series of meetings & discussions as we wrote the book. It was fun! 

Without giving away any spoilers, for those who have not read BRANDED, 
what was your favorite scene to write? 

Missy- I enjoyed writing the execution scene and some of the other action scenes. It sounds grotesque, but I enjoyed showing how devilish Wilson & the Commander were so that people could really see what Lexi & the others were up against. 

Abi- The first chapter. I loved the instant action and high intensity of it. And the scene with Alissa. 

Did you know each other before writing BRANDED? If so how long?

We’ve known each other since college… so about fourteen years! 

Did you write parts separately or collaboratively?

A little of both depending on the scene. We always look over each other’s work before sending it to the editor though, just to make sure we’re on the same page. 

Describe a typical day when you are writing. Do you have any pre-writing rituals?

Missy- I like to write in the afternoon when my sons are napping. I like when it’s quiet. 

Abi- I run and listen to music in the afternoon to get ideas and write in the evening. 

Do you have any plans for a book signing event?

In April 2014, we’ll be at the Cleveland Author Event!! Please come and join us!

When can we expect the sequel?

We’re shooting for Jan/Feb. We don’t want to rush this one, so the dates could change.

Can you give us an idea of what to expect in your next book?

More action. More answers. You’ll see the world surrounding the Hole & find out more about the people that live there.

Will there be a third installment or will the second book end the story?

We’re planning on a third installment. ;)

What came first, the characters or the concept for the story?

The concept came first. We molded the characters as we wrote the story. That was the best part!

If BRANDED became a movie, who would your dream cast be?

I know Abi’s going to say she’d love to see Channing Tatum as Cole. Haha. Honestly though, I think we’d both be so happy if it’s successful that we wouldn't be picky. 

Do you ever read the reviews about your books? If so, do you pay attention to any negative reviews or let them influence your writing?

Missy- I have read both the good and the bad. I love hearing the feedback although I don’t let it influence how I write or the story line  Everyone is always going to have different opinions and I know you can’t make them all happy. So I just give my best and hope it’s enough. 

Do you have a favorite author?

Missy- Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Growing up, my two favorite authors were Anne Rinaldi and Bodie Thoene. In the last few years, I’ve also enjoyed Stephenie Meyer, Ann Aguirre, and Susan Collins. Truthfully, I read a lot of Historical Non-fiction as well… so I can’t really narrow it down unless we’re talking about categories. Haha. 

Abi- Stephenie Meyer, Ann Aquirre and Susan Collins. 

What are your favorite top 3 books that you would recommend?

Missy- I don’t even know where to start! 

Abi- The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and twilight.

What book, if any, are you reading now?

Missy- I just wrapped up Allegiant by Veronica Roth & Horde by Ann Aguirre.

Abi- same for me. 

Do you prefer to read traditional books or e-books?

Missy- I prefer to read the traditional book. There is something so good about holding it in my hands and physically turning the pages. 

Abi- traditional only if I really love the book. Otherwise to save money I will get the E-book

Out of the books that you have read, which character couple would you like to invite over for dinner and why?

Abi- Peeta and Katniss….simply because they are true survivors 

If you could work with any author, who would it be?

I think working with Abi has been a great experience! We have such a good system that I think adding a third party would complicate things. Now, of course I’d love to meet Anne Rinaldi or Stephenie Meyer to pick their brains!!!

Just Missy. 

What inspired you to start writing?

Abi- after reading so many books, I wanted to know what I would write about if I would write a novel…came up with Branded and went to Missy. I would never have done this one my own…and the rest is history. We went right into it. 

Missy- I’ve always written a lot, but most of it was more for my own personal benefit. Abi is the only reason I had the guts to share! Haha.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Missy- If you can dream it, you can write it. Don’t doubt yourself and your abilities. Invest in a good editor & find people who will be honest with you. 

Abi- 100% agree with Missy. 

What are you top 5 most important things in your life?

Missy- 1) God, 2) My husband, 3) family, 4) writing & running, 5) my work at a local Retirement home. (the first three things are not interchangeable but the last two rotate depending on the seasons in my life.)

Abi- 1) God 2) My husband of 10 years 3)my children and family. 4) writing and 
working out 5) working as a registered nurse. My passion is hospice. 

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Missy- I only have my ears pierced. 

Abi- I have my ears pierced, one tattoo on my lower back. But… me and Missy are 
going to get a tattoo…we made a deal. If we published Branded we would get one. 

Do you have any fears??

For both of us- small, tight spaces, spiders, heights (although Missy is a rollercoaster lover), failure etc. 

What do you do for fun, besides writing?

Missy- Running, rooting for Cleveland sports teams, singing, playing soccer, traveling, spending time with family, meeting new people. I try to stay open to new experiences. 

Abi- Rooting for the Philadelphia Phillies, Running and working out, being a Mom and Wife. I can’t wait to get back into traveling…even if its just our book signings. 

Do you have any vices?

Missy- Nah. Nothing other than an occasional glass of wine. ;)

Abi- same as missy 

What was the last thing you googled?

Missy- a race pace calculator to figure out my pace for my last run on Sunday. Haha.

Abi- house breaking my Boxer puppy using crate training. 

If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would they be?

Missy- passionate, loyal, spontaneous, spiritual, and open. 

Abi- caring, humorous, loyal, spiritual and passionate about what I love to do 

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Missy- When someone doesn’t drive the speed limit, especially where we live since there are so many roads with no passing zones. Haha.

Abi- driving in traffic. And or being late 

Where was the last place someone spotted you and asked for an autograph?

Missy- I just had a person ask me to sign their book this past week. Does that count?

Abi- at the grocery store…to sign my receipt

Where can your fans find you?

You can find us on facebook under abiandmissy, Twitter @abiandmissy, pintrest abi and 

missy. Tumblr abi and misty and our website/blog