Monday, November 10, 2014

Book Review: Unearthed (Spector Inc. Ghost Hunter Series) by JerriDrennen

128 Pages
Published July 21, 2013

Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Romance

My Review:
Cody and Jack joined forces about seven years ago and formed Spector Inc., Cody was just out of high school and Jack was 10 years his senior. Spector Inc. wast started with just a single camera and one EMF. The line of work that they were in, traveling was a necessity, and unfortunately business was not very lucrative, they needed funding!! Jack was approached by their biggest benefactors wife. Sex in exchange for continual funding. Of course this was not an offer he could refuse. Eventually Jack put his foot down and walked away, of course that meant that they would loose their funding. 

Spector Inc. needed to find a way to stay afloat just long enough to have some sort of footage to present for the forum that was about a month away, hopefully winning the Ghost Hunter of the Year Award. 

Lila, was a had her own little B&B and was finally to the point of expansion, the Monclair Inn was her family legacy, she knew that an addition would create room for more guests and that meant more money. Once the excavation began, things began getting a little.....weird. Strange things began to happen in the Inn. One day, Lila was doing laundry in the basement and was approached by a ghost. 

Jack and Cody, hungry for a case, began investigating a farmhouse. While they are there they decided to stat at the Inn. 

Both places are haunted. Connected by something happened between these two families over 70 years ago. Now it is time to find out what happened, and help these ghost find peace. 

I usually do not read paranormal type books, but I cannot resist a good romance story. This book has ghosts, love, passion, sadness, lost innocence, great suspense, anger, and shocking page turners! description:

Uncovering a ghostly secret, one skeleton at a time.

After years of investigating paranormal activity, lead ghost hunter, Jack Trader has little to show until, at an abandoned farm house in the boot-heels of Missouri, he and his partner record the presence of an angry specter. When the time approaches to show their proof, somehow it’s been erased, forcing them back to the house to try and re-film the footage.

Renovations at Lila Monclair’s successful bed & breakfast bring more than dust, noise and boot prints to the halls of the Inn. A ghostly figure, in the form of a mysterious, dark-haired woman in 40’s style dress keeps frightening off guests. As word spreads of the possible haunting, a number of reservations are canceled. Now Lila’s worried she could lose everything.

Jack and Lila are seduced by these star-crossed ghosts, each in search of the other. Together, they play out the nightmare that tore the two soul’s apart more than 70 years ago, while the budding romance between them is threatened by an indiscretion of Jack’s that has Lila questioning if he's even worthy of her love.

About Jerri Drennen:
Jerri Drennen is an author of romance suspense and contemporary romance. All her books are available on Amazon. She was raised on a farm in a small town in Minnesota where she acquired her love of storytelling. After meeting her husband, she relocated to his hometown in Missouri where they now live with three of her four children and two grand kids. Her children call her the crazy cat lady.

My favorite quotes:

"That's easy for you to say. I'm being possessed by a ghost. You were screwed by one. Which Spector would you prefer."

Watching as he walked down the hall to his room, Lila took in a shattered breath. Hard to believe that in such a short time, her whole life had changed, and all because Jack had come to rent a room at the Inn. Since that afternoon, she'd come to realize she hadn't been living her life at all. She'd been sleepwalking through it. Now she wanted to do much more than that.

My interview with Jerri Drennen