Friday, June 6, 2014

Book Review: The Lonely Girl by Gracie Wilson

The Lonely Girl"
by Gracie Wilson

Review by Jacqui

Our Review:
Becca has the worst experience ever and looses her one love Michael. 

Her brother convinces her to go wly starts recovering but is blindsided by one issue after the next.  An ex boyfriend she briefly has a relationship with after the loss of Michael, keeps coming back to taunt her. Her feelings for two of her brothers friends Jake and Keegan seem to overpower and confuse her, and lies that have long been kept away from her rush in and threaten to destroy relationships she never thought would ever be questioned. 

A novel about loss, love, forgiveness. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and battled to put it down. I did however find some errors in spelling and sentence construction. 
But none-the-less a great book!

A definite 4 stars from me.

Book Description:

What if one day you woke up and found your heart had been shattered? You lost the one person you loved more than anything. 

What happens when you learn to move on even though you thought you'd never be able to again? Is it worth the risk to try and let someone in? Is it better to be left alone then take the chance of more heartache?

This time will be different. Becca slowly starts to put the shattered pieces of her heart back together only to have it broken again by someone she trusted. Can her heart that was barely healed in the first place be fixed, again? 

Becca falls for someone new, but will her heart be safe. Will she survive the secrets that come out from the past? Love is worth the risk. Can she really believe that? The question is: is he worth the risk?

Author Bio:

Gracie Wilson lives in Windsor, Ontario with her husband. Gracie was raised by her grandparents in a small town outside of Windsor. She is the oldest of three sisters and has a large extended family. 

In her spare time, she is a very active reader and enjoys diving into a new book. She writes Young Adult/New Adult/Adult Romances. “The Lonely Girl” is her first publication and she is so excited to have her fans read it. 
She is set two release two different series in 2014 so far. "The Lonely Girl" which is classed as a young adult trilogy and Storm Corp Series which is a New Adult/Adult Romance series.

Where to find Gracie:
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